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After the famous nutellotti today I present to you the pistacchiotti! The preparation of the latter is very similar to the former, with the obvious difference that they are pistachio-based biscuits and not chocolate. It goes without saying that these biscuits with pistachios they are of a unique pleasure and goodness and, I will tell you, I even preferred them to the version with Nutella. It will only take 3 ingredients to create a small treasure chest of goodness, so are you ready? For the dough you can also use the pistachio cream that I proposed some time ago, maybe for the filling you have to pay a little more attention to the consistency of the cream and make it a little thicker if you want to create tufts on the surface.
I leave you to the recipe of the day and I get to work, today we opened the doors of the office to our friends and customers so there will be a lot of comings and goings, so better take advantage of it now, to get rid of the most boring work tasks. Basins: *


How to make pistachios